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Friday, June 7, 2013

Memorial Day camping trip

I swore for years I would not be one of the crazy people who went camping over Memorial Day.  It rains and/or snows every year without fail.  Well, now that we have the camper we decided to be brave and go camping over this usually cold holiday.  It did rain and was cold, but we hung out in the dry camper and played games with the heater running :)  

Brandon did set up a tent all by himself and he even slept in it the first night which surprised me!  He spent the second night in the camper because he was so cold.

 We went to Mesa Falls and were lucky enough to get a campsite without making a reservation.  It is beautiful and only 1 1/2 hours from my house!
We walked and slid down a very steep boat slide right by our campsite and the first thing Zurie did was get in the cold water to get a drink.

We didn't know what we were in for when we started out on this walk.  It was rough and there was some crying, but we all made it!

Yep, the water is still REALLY cold!

There were lots of huge bugs by the water, so Sara was trying to stay safe by curling up on this rock.  Too bad it didn't work out so well for her.

Our hike back up the boat slide.

It was so steep and slippery Sophia decided to crawl up.

Taking a break and trying to lighten the mood.

I found this hilarious!  Maybe I was just extremely tired, but it was funny to watch Ben trudging up the hill with Sophia on his back hanging on for dear life.

Sophia waving the smoke away.

Roasting starbursts.

Zurie was super tired after our little "walk"

Yep, we get dirty when we camp!

The next day we drove up the road a little bit to see Upper Mesa Falls and do some more walking!

We also did the 2 mile nature walk to get another view of the falls.

We had chicken and vegetable tinfoil dinners that night.

Sophia LOVED them!

Sara putting on more bug spray.  The mosquitos were horrible and we all got eaten alive! 

Ben is enjoying his director's chair I bought for an early Father's Day present.

Ben reading a programming book by the fire.  What a nerd!

We packed up Monday morning to drive home and when I needed to move the truck so we could hook the camper up to the van we couldn't find the keys anywhere.  We looked in every bag and all over in both vehicles before popping the camper up again and looking all over in there.  Sara finally found them in my purse.  
I moved the truck so we could move the van and hook up the camper.  When Ben tried to start the van in was dead.  At this point we just laughed at how bad this morning had gone and jumped the van and drove straight home. 
I love being outdoors and enjoying nature!  Ben and I decided we need to do this more often to help our kids build better relationships with each other.  I mean there's nothing better than cramming 5 people into a small camper to build some relationships right??

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Rachel said...

You guys are making memories!! So cute and fun. The best memories I have as a kid are of camping trips and being our brothers shadow! Good times.